GT100 NFT System

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GT100 NFT System

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Hi guys and girls. So I am relatively new grower but been around a few along the road.
Got this GT100 for my first grow. Came packaged well and as discreet as it could be. 🙈 Upon opening all looked to be good, seemed good quality construction, sturdy build.
It went together fine and seemed to fit quite well together however once I got my water in and got it running I was left quite disappointed. The pipework for the water was extremely noisy. It sort of had a loud squeek as it was running. It seemed as though the holes for the water to come out were perhaps not big enough. Possibly with a bit of work it could be improved, however I feel it should work as is without having to do things to it. So all in all I wouldn't really recommend this system for your NFT needs.
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