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What Vaping Does to the Body

Cannabis research, studies & results
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Re: What Vaping Does to the Body

Post by sybarite »

Captain Beefheart wrote:
Fri Apr 01, 2022 9:05 pm
well ive been setting fire to all my dope for 40 years now + my lungs are brand new cough cough. :rolf:
I probably still would be too @Captain Beefheart if my chest didn't start hurting. Turns out it was spinal issues causing chest pain, so I could start smoking again. :rolf:

I reckon truthfully I wanted an excuse to own a Volcano Vaporizer, then never looked back, but Volcano vapour is cool, so I missed that lung-burn sensation of smoking raw spliffs. I really don't miss tobacco though - in combination with weed it gives me a very different, more lethargic, foggy-headed high. I also don't believe people can taste the different terpenes when weed is combusted - to me it just tastes of burnt weed with a lingering burnt aftertaste. Vaping gives a much broader, tasty range of flavours and effects, and vaping or dabbing at higher temps can provide that full-lung sensation you get from a bong or raw spliff, if you like that kind of thing. One thing I miss is the ritual of spliff rolling :roll:

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Re: What Vaping Does to the Body

Post by brainsclub21 »

Good to know!

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