How do you toke yours!?
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Post by Treetrunk »

I've after trying a vapouriser.
I've got plenty of e cig mods and batteries. Is there any decent tanks for herb and hash?
If not I'll buy a full kit but I don't want to spend more than £80ish.
Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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Re: Vapouriser

Post by Norseman »

My recommendation would be to check out Troy at 420vapezone on YouTube and see what budget vaporizers he recommends.

I got the Mighty and it is an awesome vaporizer for weed and it can also do concentrates. However the price tag on it is on the steep side with a price around $350. But if you ask me it is totally worth it.

Good Luck
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Re: Vapouriser

Post by Marcus »

Hi Treetrunk,

Forget trying to vape hash, yes it kinda works to a point, but fuck me it's a messy beast. I'd squish the hash with a pair of the wife's hair straighteners in parchment (Reynolds is best) and use a bed of flower with a dollop of the squish (rosin) in a vape. :oik!:

Stem pod is probably the one you're looking for, under 80 quid. Not many in the UK at the moment, everywhere seems to be sold out. :idn: Import maybe???

I run a Dream wood glow vape, bit more money, but very adaptable on the 510 mods. Wooden stem and glass stems, a beast through water. :oik!:

UK -

Dreamwood site (I got mine from here, more to choose from) - ... rrency=EUR

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Re: Vapouriser

Post by 2-Scoops »

I use the Yocan Evolve+ for blazing RSO im pretty sure it would rock n roll with a little round blob of hash stuck on coil too.

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Re: Vapouriser

Post by GrowGlow »

For 510 mode, Many rave about the Splinters. The TetraX seems like a Beast. Check out The Neo By PrrlLabs.

I'm not into 510 builds as it's learning curve scares me. Am trying to score a FlowerPot Weedeater this black Friday. On my list is a Vapbong, a Tetra P80 and definitely a Heat Island log Vape. Check those out. You won't regret it! On demand full convection is the way to go
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