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Intersex traits on a Cannabis Plant

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Intersex traits on a Cannabis Plant

Post by chillbert42 »


Greetings and big love all

I wanted to start a discussion on intersex traits, herms, in particular on the differing levels of hermaphroditism cannabis plants are capable of.

please add any thoughts or experiences of yours with intersex traits in cannabis.

i'll get the ball rolling with some random notes on the topic:

- Many strains have come from self-pollinated plants... GG4, Chemdawg, both world reknowned beloved strains, both are herms. GSC, one of the most popular strains of all time, famous for herming... Cherry Pie came from a hermed GDP.... All these strains carry herm genes, and all of their subsequent outcrosses have at least the potential to carry it...

- All cannabis plants have the genetic capability to be both female or male, or at times both.

- Every branch on a cannabis plant has the potential to become either male or female.

- Some plants can temporarily herm in response to a stress then continue to grow as it was (male or female)

-Some plants can develop just a few 'balls' in early flower then continue to grow as female (early slight herm trait)

- Some plants are full herms, with equal amounts of both male and female flowers (big time herm!)

-Some plants throw a few late bananas as a last ditch effort to make seed as a survival mechanism (not a serious issue imo and the reason we have the likes of GG4 and chemdawg quite probably.. also imo)

- several things may cause a plant to herm including significant light leaks (more light needed than many realise) btw plants can see green light too so careful with green torches ! Also erratic lighting schedules can stress plants to herm.

- nutritional stressors / mineral imbalances apparently can contribute to sexual expression too

please add more / feel free to question any of the above.. it would be great to reach some common ground and understanding of whats real and whats broscience when it comes to our favourite plant, that occasionally likes to swing both ways, bat for both teams, live like the romans .. ya know ;)


What do u look for and when in identifying a herm?

What do you do when you discover you have a plant with intersex traits?

Should every such plant be culled ?

When would you not cull a plant with some level of intersex trait?

Any other famous herm strains?

Examples / experiences of plants you had with too many bits ?

Should you make seeds with plants that had intersex traits?

Can/ should you grow out seeds made by plants that hermed? when and when not to?

Any other points, questions, or anything else please feel add

many thanks growers

happy gardening
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