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Humidity levels

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Humidity levels

Post by Ilikeplants »

Hello awesome people!

Iv been doing a lot of research about temperature and humidity levels.
The problem is there seems to be a lot of different contradicting information out there.

So my question is from your experience what is the best humidity levels for each stage for seedling, veg and bloom? Its an auto if thats relevant


Thanks everyone!
Another day to grow :roll:

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Re: Humidity levels

Post by IMO »

Whatever the heat and humidity is in Jamaica should be good for them 😁, I’m no expert but I think between 25/28c and humidity 65/80ish veg and abit less in bloom 50/60, buy others will be along to offer more expert information, good luck with the grow 👍
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Re: Humidity levels

Post by Spartangrown »

VPD stands for Vapor Pressure Deficit. It gives you a reading depending on the relationship of temp to humidity in the room. You can use a VPD chart to figure out your VPD number. The VPD number targets are 0.8 for clone, 1.0 for veg, and 1.2-1.5 for flower.

The chart can be found here,https://scynceled.com/vpd-chart/

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