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Insulating grow tent with Thermawrap/others

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Re: Insulating grow tent with Thermawrap/others

Post by wutang »

Marcus wrote:
Mon Dec 05, 2022 4:49 pm
When I was in the garage, I put a couple of sheets of 50mm celotex over the door, that helped loads.

I had old jiujitsu mats from the gym on the floor to keep the tent off the cold concrete, also the years of sweat soaked into them helped the plants smell more funky.

Ditch the leds in winter, run CMH or HPS and a dehumidifier in the garage too. They do kick out some heat and only really fire up at lights off when temps dipped.

I would be tempted (if I was still in the garage and I may be again soon) to build a timber framed room, plasterboard and insulate that to grow in. Just have vents top and bottom (like cavity walls) and basically scrub the air in there. You could change the air a few times a day on a timer with a fan, but just going in to check on them will exchange the stale air and the vents should help slowly bring fresh in too.

It's a bugger this time of year with the cold.
Do you mean the garage door dude? I thought it would be pointless as the ceiling is just open upto the roof tiles

Yeah deffo doing HPS. I've got these thin mats on the floor..but doing to lift the pots with some polystyrene. Heat the reservoir and also wrap it in insulation.

The timber frame idea sounds good. I've got 2 left hands though so it'd take some planning. Plus I'm already struggling with space in that area.

Running autos with HPS on 20/4 maybe I could get a decent run over winter..with the 600w hps kicking out decent heat and the fan heater mostly coming on during the 4 hours.

Right now my bauble is in the garage still under the led..I don't want to know how much th3 fan heater must be coming on lol. As soon as the baubles done..hopefully a week..then the next run goes in.

Thanks for the tips though..need to start planning better for next year..by the time that happens my energy prices would be through the roof as the fixed tariff ends. So I might not even be growing lol

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