Golden Putang

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Golden Putang

Post by Nom »

Strain name: Golden Putang

Breeder: Mass Medical Strain
Seed or clone: seed
Number of plants: 1
Light/Lights used: ish 320
Grow medium: Straight Canna coco pro plus
Nutrient range/products: canna coco A&B, rhizo, buddy
Pot size/sizes: 9 litres
Smell in veg: hmmmm, from what I remember average I guess not a proper stinker until into flower
Structure in veg: pretty short with tight nodes
Speed of growth: good very vigorous
Time in veg: 1 month
Smell in flower: smelled like cap piss with a hint of rotten oranges.
Structure in flower: tall, stretched nodes, would be good in a net with little veg time. Big stretch on this like dinafem blue cheese kinda stretch, easily x3
Bud Structure: dense, large colas i had, big calyx's and foxtails, knobbley. Lots of good airflow needed I had rot and lost probably 1.5 zips worth if colas
Heavy/Light feeder: I ran 1.5ml A&B at the start of flip and went upto 2ml in the stretch, less in veg. Mostly just used buddy at 1ml and a week of pk.
Harvest weight: 6.5 oz in good hands this would be a large yielder.
Smell of dry bud: smells lush slightly putrid orange and cat piss.
Taste of dry bud: smooth at 180c, at 210+ it gets a bit harsh and tickley, i like it around 200c in the vape. Not harsh in a joint, tastes a bit skunky with citrus and white widdow type flavour.
Effect: strong and really long lasting man, in fact the strongest I've grown for sure. Comes on slow, creaps up on you mellow like and then baam, plunged into a deep stone accompanied by a nice soaring high which stays with you for ages. Chopped mine at 11 weeks. I got a few beans left and I'll pop the rest and keep the best. I'm looking for one with a bit more putrid orange funk going on.

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