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Stabalizing s1 plants?

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Stabalizing s1 plants?

Post by StoneySquatch »

I’m still just a yearling noob to growing,just getting better at growing my own smoke over the last year since I started. The first plants I grew were from some bag seed Mt.Rainier (NL5 X White Lotus) well the original seeded itself lower buds only and made killer bud throughout the rest of the plant, I ended up with 53 S1 seeds out of that bottom bud after that one. Since I’ve grown 5 of those S1 seeds with all being female but 1 shot a few bananas halfway through flower which I plucked without anymore issues from any of em. Just wondering what I could do to stabalize the genetics into either itself or something else?

Would breeding a strong female with pollen from something else more stable recess the potential stress seed trait? I’d really like to make either a more stable version of itself or cross it into some equal or better fire strains.

Not quite sure how this stuff all works, spraying with colloidal silver and using that pollen on a strong female would create feminized backcross would it not?

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Re: Stabalizing s1 plants?

Post by bigbadbillybob »

yep, spraying with cs or STS will crete feminised pollen, but if the original hermied and its offspring hermied, why would you risk it?
you "could " take a dozen seeds, grow them out and choose the best one (that hasnt hermied,or shown signs of stress) , use it and create a load of seeds from it, but then you would also have to grow out about the same amount of these seeds - say another dozen, to make sure it isnt a recessive trait. IF none of them hermie, you "should" be good, but stabilising strains is usually only achieved at F5 or above

i would look to start with something more stable, personally.

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Re: Stabalizing s1 plants?

Post by seymore_budz »

You can stabilise an S1 for sure but there are many variables. If you was going to stabilise it you would probably select a male with similar desired traits and cross it. Once you've stabilised the traits you're interested in you could spray with STS and create some feminised seeds. I've glossed over a lot of information though.

S1 plants have their use in breeding programs as they unlock all the traits for you to see. If you want to see if a cultivar could potentially yield something specific you could plant a load of S1.

S1 are also great for looking for unicorns :)

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Re: Stabalizing s1 plants?

Post by JJ »

wow,thanks,leernin stuff

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Re: Stabalizing s1 plants?

Post by 2-Scoops »

Bag seed for a reason, generally cus plant they are from has hermi`D, hence nanners all time from each grow you`ve done with them, i`m pretty sure your waisting your time trying to stabilize it and get rid of that hermie trait which i think it will always carry, i might be wrong though don`t quote that. :)
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Re: Stabalizing s1 plants?

Post by Marcus »

:i agree:

If it's good dope, just pop the seeds and enjoy. Bag seed is normally from a hermie anyway.

I don;t know if ridding dope plants of that self pollination gene is actually a doable thing.

Dope is dope and will try and reproduce at the end of it's life, some of the best dope plants I've grew have hermied in the late weeks. Maybe that's a sign of good dope?


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