amazon watering system 2 part

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amazon watering system 2 part

Post by Wizard »

so id like to toss in a quick little blurb , there are 2 items in this review both are for a watering system

first up is a pump
1000GPH Submersible Pump Water Hydroponic Pumps Fish Aquarium Fishtank Powerhead Fountain, 45W
by LIVINGbasics

ive been running this pump on a daily for the last few moths as part of my watering system ,, i had it set up on a eight plant system with 2 spikes per plant and was just a little underpowerd by the time it reached the last plant in line , so i split the lines with a t valve that can run one side or the other
i think its a good pump for the price runs very quite
easy to take apart and clean the impeller
would be well suited for a flood drain syatem for sure and i would recomend it for either a dripper/spike system of flood drain ,, think it would be better to have larger pump for a dwc if using mor ethen two bucktes

this pump was 26.99 from amazon

next is the spike and hose kit from amazon

]Ohuhu 66 FT DIY Drip Irrigation Kit Plant Watering System, 2/5" & 1/4" Heavy Duty Tube 33 FT Each, 2 Different Emitters Drippers, Water-Saving System for Garden, Pot Plants, Flower Beds
i got this kit for 18 bucks and have to say its well worth the money

hose tees are easy to install just by resting hose in hot water for a few moments also the conectors ave a screw on lock so there is no chance of a hose blowing off
the 360 degre psikes are the ones im using and get great coverage with just 2 in a 3 gallon pot
flow adjust ments by both a valve and at the spike heads them self

so if anybody is looking to set up a automated system i can say you will be happy with these 2 products for under 60 bucks cant go wrong imo
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