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Understanding NPK values

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Re: Understanding NPK values

Post by GMO »

jimmi2scoops wrote:
weedabix wrote:
Thu Jan 30, 2020 10:59 am
I just read this thread and while I don't have an answer to the growing (I am a total noob) I understand your initial question as follows:
Do the NPK values represent ratios (ie. 1-2-3 would be the same as 2-4-6) or do they relate to concentrations (ie. twice the amount of 1-2-3 are the same as 2-4-6 if diluted by 1l of water)? Did I get that question right?
According to wikipedia, the convention is that these numbers represent weight percent of the elemental N and the oxides of P and K (US) and the UK allows to additionally state the elemental weight percentages of all N-P-K in parentheses. So it does refer to total concentrations in the fertiliser and if you were to use 2g of 1-2-3 in 1l it would be the same as 1g of 2-4-6 in 1l - roughly... in theory we'd have to use (roughly again) 998ml and 999ml respectively but I don't think that's the accuracy necessary here. There might be quite a difference between 1ml and 1g of fertiliser but if you really wanted to you could calculate that as well.

Now this is all I can add to this and I am looking forward to hearing how to use those numbers now!
Yes cock on mukka that is, looking at it in a bit of a same but different way to how i put it in my last post, but both ways achieve same thing and result. :oik!:

Why do they not sell ferts like some tom feeds of lets say 20/20/20 for simple reason theirs not as much cash in it. You could make a bottle of tom ferts go ten times further, prolly only thing needs adding is a spoonfull of trace ellements every once in a while and that`s not called for really, ive seen some really nice grows crazy high npk tom ferts tom ferts, just ask Beefy.

Bigger the NPK ratios further your cash goes put plain and simple in my eyes. 8-)
Oh dear. That's a whole new can of worms 20-20-20 ferts again I'll put a pin in that convo for another time lol

I guess the final points kinda lead us to experience dictating use to some degree like was mentioned. There is a subtle balance that comes to all fertilizers and without a baseline or a guide to work from it can be hard to diagnose what's going on without the prior experience

I guess what I'm getting at is that is we use a base nutrient then add or subtract a single component we can start to build a physical understanding the nutrients have and their effects first hand

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Re: Understanding NPK values

Post by 2-Scoops »

Just an example 20/20/20 first number popped in my head @GMO .

Check out some of the dry ferts these guys sell on, man you`d never have to buy ferts again once bought. http://www.ebaystores.co.uk/Elixir-Gard ... 34.c0.m322 been tempted many times with some of their dry ferts but never have.

Summink else these organic dry fert pellets you mix in your coir now and top dress every once in a while thery cost a fortune , check the organic pellets and price here these guys sell look cock on to me and they would last you a generation https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Soils-Soil-A ... =drgrow123

Weed fert industry is a real con and a big money maker for the guys who produce it, they certainly aren`t your friendly weed grower types, they are just ripping us all off, but we still persist in buying them, i know i`m guilty of that.
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