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Spider mites amd thrips

Discuss indoor canna growing
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Re: Spider mites amd thrips

Post by Denots »

It's a funny old thing this mite game. There must be hundreds of different concoctions out there claiming to be able to eradicate mite. I've used loads of different types and always come back to mighty wash and pyrethrum 5EC, they seem to be the only ones I trust to do the job properly. Yet other people have used them and say there pony and don't work for them. So the question is why do some mite treatments work for one person and not another, the mind boggles (specially when oiled up :lol:) .
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Re: Spider mites amd thrips

Post by 2-Scoops »

I like using neem as a soil drench in veg, i do it a few times over a week usually when ive not run out of the stuff, just as a preventative measure i do it a few weeks before flipping and i never get bugs below or above ground after that, touch wood. I read it becomes systemic within the plant for a while used this way. I grow in coco and use mineral base ferts nothing organic. I`m not sure how a microherd would react to it if growing organically though, tbh i wouldn`t use it this way if i grew organic unless i knew it didn`t effect the microbes in your medium. :)
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Re: Spider mites amd thrips

Post by Sique »

Get some predatory mites next time for sure, I also don't take cuts from random people. Haven't dealt with them knock on wood! Following

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Re: Spider mites amd thrips

Post by captain beefheart »

Scott's bug clear will rid anything bug related issue hands down only use during veg period not in flower

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