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Infusing Vegetable Glycerine - The Cafetiere Method

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Infusing Vegetable Glycerine - The Cafetiere Method

Post by GMO »

Hello stoners

With the new wave of medical focused and simple dosing methods, I thought id share a very simple method for infusing Vegetable Glycerine which then can be used for a variety of applications

As normal with my posts, this isnt an end all and be all method and we always welcome ideas to make the process easier or more acurate

so lets start with what youll need

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CAFETIERE-CO ... 7Jfs-8lxqw

nice and simple, ive got a 3 cup around the house ill be using

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VEGETABLE-GL ... Lrh5kErlyg

Obviously youll also need your favourite flower or trim. I went in at a ratio of 45g trim/popcorn to about 300ml VG
a cooking pot
Cheese clothe or fine micron screen *EDIT* coffee filter will clog almost straight away :bang head:
and a couple storage jars

Stick everything into the Cafetiere and pop the cafetiere into the cooking pot, then fill the cooking pot with water to about the same level that the cafetiere is full to (just to ensure its heated evenly). i also leave the lid off at this point so i can stir occasionally.

after 2-4 hour the colour should be visible different and in 6-8 youll have a gold to brown liquid brewing at which point, pop the lid on the cafetiere and press down firmly to squeeze the VG out of the plant material and pour through your filter into the storage jars. Allow to cool and its ready to be stored or useds as you messy monsters see fit :lol: :lol:

i hope yall enjoy

any other ideas please share :D
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Re: Infusing Vegetable Glycerine - The Cafetiere Method

Post by 2-Scoops »

I make my own vg tinctures and yes tis a good way you describe, basically all i do if i wanna make one up quickly. I just fill the slow cooker with water add a tea-tiowel into bottom and turn it on low, i then 1oz of decarbed bud to around 250ml of vg fluid or just enough till the bud is covered into a dowegberts coffee jar and then just place the jar into the slow cooker and sit it on top of the tea-towel, lids are left of the jar and cooker, i then it cook it up for around 24hours stirring as much as possible when i go in kitchen i then add 250ml of vg fluid and repeat another 24hours. It makes a nice brew for a med tincture, but if want it stronger to mash you up add less vg fluid or more buddage.

The best way to do this bar none is a long drawn out process but you will see the difference in the end oproduct by just looking at them. Basically decarb your bud sling it in a jar and just cover with vg fluid, stick it in a dark cupboard and shake it a few or more times per day, then after a month to keep the process of the vg fluid stripping out the weed goodies add a little more shake and sling in cupboard, repeat a month later, the longer it`s left the better it becomes, 3months miniumum. You can add the vg fluid more frequent say every 2 weeks till you hit 500ml to an oz of bud if you like, nowt written in stone here like. Basically your just letting the weed steep away in the mix.

Problem with using vg fluid is you have to add it slowly over time cus it will soon lose it`s ability to strip out the goodies in the weed, well it will slow to crawl i should have said their.

I make it for meds so always decarb the bud first, the recipe i give wont get you wankered you will need more weed, but in doing that it will slow the stripping out process the vg has, hence why adding bits slopwly overtime is the way to go.

If you wanna get proper wankered on tinctures use a very high proof alcohol not UK proof (although it will work it won`t be as strong) summink higher summink like a strong rum, moonshine or pure grain alcohol not the denatured stuff though that`s not for human consumtion and freezer it for a week shaking a few times daily, but man it burns your sublingual gland to start with using the 190proof stuff, i just have 10ml in coke and drink it, that gets me wankered, the vg i find is better for sublingual gland and less harsh.

Never tried vaping the vg mix but yes you can and add flavours too . :)
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