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Do Autos like it colder??

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Do Autos like it colder??

Post by Pork Chop Express »

Hi all, I'm currently growing two auto plants (Gorilla Cookies and critical Kush XXL) and I'm noticing a pattern of leaf dropping overnight while the tent is all closed up and the temp gets warmer (humidity rises also)... Then to fix the humidity issue I open the double doors (tent is next to them) and open up the tent to let the moisture out. Once the humidity drops from high 60's down to low 50's I'll zip it all up again but during this time the temp drops from around the 23° mark down to 19.5ish and they immediately look better and perk up.

I'm thinking that perhaps Autos like it a little cooler?? As the two photo plants I've grown previously have loved it in the greenhouse outside in the heat no leaf droop or anything .

Has anyone else got experience growing autos and can offer some insight into the theory?

Thanks in advance. Happy st Patrick's Day

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camkush (Sat Mar 18, 2023 2:01 pm)

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Re: Do Autos like it colder??

Post by camkush »

I don't believe in my experience that they prefer colder.. i do grow quite a bit but i also dont have cold temps even with lights off unless it was an accident in winter time.
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Re: Do Autos like it colder??

Post by JJ »

Soundzzz normal to me..
Reacting to the environment
If you play soft music at nite I hear it helps
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