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Autoflower - Still Issues

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Re: Autoflower - Still Issues

Post by exordium »

Cave Hill Cole wrote:
Fri Nov 20, 2020 12:24 am
Hey bro,

Look like you got a bit of a mutant auto going on there. I found that more common with autos when I was growing them. If it were me, I'd start some new auto seeds.

Some tips i found handy when growing autos:
- Use a big pot (I found 3-5 gallon fabric pots worked well, going bigger for soil grows) and plant your seed directly in your final pot;
- I topped my autos, but be careful with defoliation, it can stress some autos which halts growth (pretty much any stress will slow growth);
- If your growing in soil make your mix extra light/airy, add in extra perlite or grow stones;
- I always grew at least 2-3 autos at a time (always different genotypes), because quite often with autos I'd get a bad pheno (plant showing negative physical traits), always great to have backups;
- Keep the light to 18 on/6 off or 20/4, the ruderalis genetics like lots of light in a short period;
- Always add layer (about 5-7cm deep) of perlite at the very bottom of your pot, before adding your medium. It adds an oxygen pocket for your roots
- Remember your plant eats light, so the bigger the light the bigger the plant (up to a point, too much light can cause toxicity)

Good luck bro...autos take some time and patience to figure out and grow well. :Stoned:
Thanks your your reply.

- I have bought some new 5 gallon fabric pots
- Medium will be coco coir and perlite
- Bought some new Samsung invisible sun lights

Ah, the last mix I did, I mixed the perlite into the coco coir. So put a nice layer of perlite at the bottom, and not mix it in?

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Re: Autoflower - Still Issues

Post by Keeno »

Definitely looks a mutant. Just happens sometimes and more so eith autos imo.
It's nice to be nice :Stoned:

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Cave Hill Cole
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Re: Autoflower - Still Issues

Post by Cave Hill Cole »

exordium wrote:
Fri Nov 20, 2020 12:33 am
So put a nice layer of perlite at the bottom, and not mix it in?
Hey bro,

Do both, make sure there is a layer in the very bottom. Also go ahead and add it to your coco mix. Usually about 25%. Here's a tip....add worm castings to your coco mix too..you'll get the "billion microbe army" working for you from the get go. I usually also put a cup or two of worm casting on top of the perlite before I add my coco also.
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