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Post by DazB »

Only have two plants both the same but one has started to get little brown spots I feed them exactly the same so why has one got spots in the other hasn't

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Re: Spotty

Post by Hmr81 »

Can you post up a pic mate
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GMO (Fri Feb 07, 2020 9:13 am)
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Re: Spotty

Post by Nomoli »

Are they like little rust spots? What week Veg or flower? As much info as possible my friend and as hmr says post a pic.

Also take a look at the following links -



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Re: Spotty

Post by GMO »

As above buddy. the description could be calmag, could be P tox or just a lil splash of water on the leaves thats burned them

Pictures worth a thousand words :D
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Re: Spotty

Post by Nanook »

Pics Daz Pics :) Get em on and I'm sure we can help you :)
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