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Cannabis Cooking and Recipes
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This is a sneak preview from the November issue of Cannabis Canada.
The hash brownie, hilarious party favour and folk medicine of thousands,has attracted the attention of the white coats. On August 21, a trio of non-governmental pharmacologists at the Neurosciences Institute of San Diego announced that chocolate prolongs and intensifies the good feelings of THC, something cannabis consumers have known for decades.

The special effects resulting from the combination of marijuana and chocolate are due to the subtle interplay of an andamide, an organic chemical that by the grace of God is present in the natural human brain,and most curiously, within that of the humble sea urchin as well.
https://www.cannabisculture.com/content ... BTxRuavrnX
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Re: Choco-canna-bliss

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I need to eat more chocolate 🍫 then
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