Medicinal & health benefits of cannabis
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Post by Greenfingers »

whats your thoughts on this people ?

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If YoU HaVeNt mAdE A MiStAkE yOu hAvNt DoNe aNyThInG


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Re: cannacard

Post by Elijahgrowz »

I've seen, heard and read a bit about these last few weeks, I think it's a massive step forward for us. Hopefully this is the start of the end :barmy:
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Greenfingers (Thu Oct 01, 2020 7:59 pm)
Patience is key if you think your done give it a few more days
If you're not making mistakes you're not learning
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Re: cannacard

Post by Chad.Westport »

In the US the medical system has large variety. Some states have full access to all products, smokable, edible, vape etc. Other states are super strict only allowing medicine in capsule form, no smokable, which blows my mind. Will this be a nation wide approach or are the different regions and local govenrments get a say in it as well?

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