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Montréal university (Qc/Ca) announced 5 studies.

Cannabis research, studies & results
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Montréal university (Qc/Ca) announced 5 studies.

Post by Egzoset »

This will apply to the « effects » of "recreative" or "non-therapeutic" cannabis:

[ https:// nouvelles.umontreal.ca/article/2023/03/08/les-frq-financent-cinq-projets-de-recherche-de-l-udem-lies-au-cannabis/ ]
Les FRQ financent cinq projets de recherche de l’UdeM liés au cannabis

The goal for Didier Jutras-Aswad will be to verify if CBD "modulates" psychoactivity from THC so to ascertain the hazardous « risks » from its inhalation...

We're talking about a high-profile member of the CSAM-SMCA (ADDICTION abstentionnists), while these will be the other research projects:

Fertility & offspring
Psychotic troubles vs THC concentrations
« Harm Reduction » within the family

With epilepsy as the possible exception, as the rest is just more effort to vilify cannabis IMHO.

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Re: Montréal university (Qc/Ca) announced 5 studies.

Post by Vador »

Yeah i think we could probably guess the outcome of these studies

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