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A high-quality reference genome of wild Cannabis sativa

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A high-quality reference genome of wild Cannabis sativa

Post by GMO »

Cannabis sativa is a well-known plant species that has great economic and ecological significance. An incomplete genome of cloned C. sativa was obtained by using SOAPdenovo software in 2011. To further explore the utilization of this plant resource, we generated an updated draft genome sequence for wild-type varieties of C. sativa in China using PacBio single-molecule sequencing and Hi-C technology. Our assembled genome is approximately 808 Mb, with scaffold and contig N50 sizes of 83.00 Mb and 513.57 kb, respectively. Repetitive elements account for 74.75% of the genome. A total of 38,828 protein-coding genes were annotated, 98.20% of which were functionally annotated. We provide the first comprehensive de novo genome of wild-type varieties of C. sativa distributed in Tibet, China. Due to long-term growth in the wild environment, these varieties exhibit higher heterozygosity and contain more genetic information. This genetic resource is of great value for future investigations of cannabinoid metabolic pathways and will aid in promoting the commercial production of C. sativa and the effective utilization of cannabinoids. The assembled genome is also a valuable resource for intensively and effectively investigating the C. sativa genome further in the future.
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Re: A high-quality reference genome of wild Cannabis sativa

Post by Momma bear »

Wow I’m high and only understand half that but wild sativa? How cool would that be to be apart of the team doing the research on this.
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Re: A high-quality reference genome of wild Cannabis sativa

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This was a great article and I’m vastly interested in exploring Sativas more

I have several from Nepal and Congo and have collected a few Mexican, Colombian, and Chinese landraces as well.
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Re: A high-quality reference genome of wild Cannabis sativa

Post by Sage »

Thanks for sharing this.💯👍
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