Multi hole bowl / slide

How do you toke yours!?
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Multi hole bowl / slide

Post by Sage »

Got this neat little bowl/slide for Christmas. I'd only been hearing about these for maybe a year so don't know how many are familiar with them. Like any glass you can get on the cheap at some places or go for borosilicate glass which is tougher and will not crack under extreme temperature changes. It's double walled and has 7 holes rather than the traditional single hole (pics below). Basically the effect is that it draws much smoother and burns the material much more evenly and efficiently no need for a poking tool to stir up any unburned bits. I'd say it even tastes a little better because of the enhanced air mix/flow. I got mine from PURR glass at a cost of about $45 ish. I see people dropping more for "heady" slides, for me if gonna go a little spendy I'd prefer function over form. I have started to see spoon pipes with multi holes as well but I'm not much of a dry pipe smoker. After using it for a couple months I'd say it's definitely worth the price. Sorry about the picture quality need a tripod or the like to do better but you will get the idea.
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