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Organicus 99

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Organicus 99

Post by The Aspie Toker » Wed Aug 07, 2019 3:23 am

Has anyone used this at all?

This is the blurb about it...

Buddhas Tree - Organicus 99 - All in one Complete Feed

Organicus 99 - Complete Grow and Bloom Formula

Organicus 99 is a premium organic liquid feed that surpasses all previous feeds available on the market. A single part feed that’s used in both growth and flower phases, making things easier for growers, whether beginner or experienced.

Derived from organically certified raw ingredients. The nitrogen comes from plant materials and molasses, the phosphate from mined rocks and the potassium from vinasse. The only non certified component is the citric acid which is used to make the rock phosphate soluble. This only exists in small quantities, hence "99"

Not only does this organic base feed keep your plants in the sweet spot but it also aids the uptake of all nutrients available to them.

Buddhas Tree Organicus Features:

• A small amount of Citric Acid aids performance

• Super clean end product

• Easy to flush plants

• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

• Can be used in Soil, all mixes, Coco, 60/40 and also Hydroponic systems

• Dilution rate: 2-4ml per litre of clean water

• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Guaranteed Analysis:

• Total Nitrogen 4.6%

• Phosphorus 3.5%

• Potassium 2.3%

There are two things I am unclear about...

1: I don't know why they didn't use organic citric acid, then it would be 100% organic.
2: It's a one feed - seed to weed. I though you'd need more PK later on than N.
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