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Growth Technology Ionic range review

Product reviews from real growers!
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Growth Technology Ionic range review

Post by Nanook » Sat Nov 09, 2019 3:02 pm

Growth technology ionic review

Hi :)

So here's my review of Growth Technologies Ionic range!
This is a 1 part nutrient - no fucking about with A and B here! I have used this for around 20 years on and off - tried many others, always return.

It is stupidly cheap - you need Ionic grow for veg, Ionic bloom for flower - that's it! Its about £25 per 5l so £50 is enough to last many, many grows small scale, and even a few large scale.
It is proven to work, and works well. HOWEVER completely ignore the dosages they give. I max out at about 1ml/l NOT the 7ml/L they mention in certain places! I max out the EC ( over background ) at 1.1-1.3 depending what I am growing.

I cannot praise this product enough - cheap, very good, easily available and I have used 10 year old bottles before without issue ( make sure you shake it though! )
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