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spider mite damage cannabis

spider mite damage cannabis

Leaf Colour:
Edges Appear Brown or Burnt
Pale Colour Leaves
Yellow Leaves - New Growth
Yellow Leaves - Lower, older leaves
Yellowing Between Veins
Dark or Purple Leaves
Black or Gray Patches on Leaves
Patches of white powder on leaves
Brown or Dark Spots
Mottling / Mosaic Pattern

Leaf Symptoms:
Upper Leaves / Newer Growth Affected
Lower Leaves / Older Growth Affected
Leaf Edges Appear Burnt
Leaf Tips Appear Burnt
Leaf Tips Die
Yellowing Between Veins
Patches of white powder on leaves
Red Stems
Mottling / Mosaic
Old Leaves Dropping Off
Slow Growth
Twisted Growth
Abnormal Growth
Leaves Curl Under
Leaves Curl Upwards
Wilting / Drooping
Webbing on leaves

Plant Symptoms:
Red or Purple Stems
Weak Stems
Old Leaves Dropping Off
Slow Growth
Twisted Growth
Leaves Curl Under
Leaves Curl Upwards
Plant Wilting / Drooping
Root Symptoms:
Slow Growing

Other Symptoms:
Buds Not Fattening
Spots on Leaves?: Yes

Unfortunately, bugs and other garden pests can totally mess up your marijuana harvest!

This page aims to be a comprehensive resource on the different types of bugs / pests / mould that can affect your marijuana crop, along with tips for preventing and solving each problem.

Pests that can affect your marijuana plants include aphids, fungus gnats, thrips, green flies, black flies, mosaic virus, spider mites, caterpillars, inchworms, whiteflies, white powdery mildew / white powdery mould, stem rot, and even mammals such as deer or cats!

Barnacles / Scale Insects
Broad Mites & Russet Mites
Bud Rot or Mould
Caterpillars & Inchworms
Fungus Gnats
Leaf Miners
Leaf Septoria / Yellow Leaf Spot
Root Rot
Slugs / Snails
Spider Mites
Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV)
Whiteflies / White fly
White Powdery Mould

It's time to fight back against cannabis bugs, mould and pests!
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spider mite damage cannabis

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