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Seedstockers Wedding Cake Feminized

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Sat Jan 15, 2022 10:03 pm
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Fri Sep 16, 2022 9:25 am
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Wedding Cake Feminized x 1 Seed

Indoor/Outdoor: Both
Indica/Sativa: Both
Genetics: GSC c Chery Pie
Flowering time: 63 days
Yield: XXL
THC: Extremely high
Flavour: Fruity
Effect: Happy chill

Wedding Cake hit the headlines when American breeders began to see THC levels regularly hitting the 25% level. This is a special variety, the result of professional USA breeding using a Girl Scout phenotype and a potent Cherry Pie selection. This is an indica/sativa hybrid, sometimes referred to as Pink Cookies. She takes around 9 weeks in bloom and has complicated fruity aromas, rich tangy and sweet. XL harvests make this a popular extreme THC variety. Wedding Cake is uncomplicated to grow and a perfect choice for the grower seeking the highest possible potency levels.

Seeds available through the GR Tokens feature are gained as prizes through forum activity. We do not sell cannabis seeds and of course they are only for souvenir purposes.
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Seedstockers Wedding Cake Feminized
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