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Seedstockers Amnesia Feminized

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Sat Jan 15, 2022 10:01 pm
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Thu Feb 03, 2022 5:46 pm
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Amnesia Feminized x 1 Seed

Indoor/Outdoor: Both
Indica/Sativa: Sativa Dominant
Genetics: Amnesia Haze
Flowering time: 70 days
Yield: XL
THC: Extremely high
Flavour: Spicy
Effect: Active

About Amnesia Feminized seeds:

Seed Stockers Amnesia is a timeless classic, selected for extreme potency this is a variety you will want to grow again and again. This pure-bred Haze variety has a famously strong smoke (typically 23%-24% THC) and is not recommended for inexperienced smokers. The high is psychedelic and long lasting, for some it is also a devastatingly potent variety which creates genuine Amnesia (memory loss) for the smoker while they are high. Harvest quantities are above average, but most repeat growers choose Amnesia for the sheer strength of the smoke. The Seedstockers version of Amnesia was bred using the original Amnesia genetics from the south of Holland in a 3-way cross with Outlaw Amnesia and Super Silver Haze from Amsterdam. The result is a very commercially attractive original Haze strain.

Seeds available through the GR Tokens feature are gained as prizes through forum activity. We do not sell cannabis seeds and of course they are only for souvenir purposes.
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Seedstockers Amnesia Feminized
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