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Santa Sativa - Dinafem

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Santa Sativa Dinafem x 5 feminized seeds

This Sativa lady lives up to the expectations. It grows into an extraordinary, easy-to-grow, big, vigorous marijuana plant that produces long, dense resinous buds with a captivating scent. One of the first strains of our catalogue and still one of our favourites.

Santa Sativa cannabis seed performs well indoors both with a short growth and in SOG. Outdoors it enjoys dry, hot, sunny, Mediterranean and temperate climates. The high-quality crops it produces make up for the somewhat long flowering period. For optimum results, give the plant a nutrient-rich diet.

The flavour and aroma are pronounced, with hints of lemon, cedar, incense and pine. The long-lasting effect is powerful, euphoric, clear and cerebral. It is the perfect marijuana strain to have interesting debates with your friends.

Flowering Type - Standard
Yield - High
THC Content - High (15-20%)
Mixed Pack - No
CBD Content - Unknown
Environment - Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Genetics - Mainly Sativa
Heritage - Haze#1 X (Skunk X Northern Lights)
Height - Tall
Boutique Breeder - No

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Santa Sativa - Dinafem
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